We are back!

From Memories Film to Hello Honey Film

9/18/20213 min read

Is there anyone who still remember Memories Film?

This was my loved first business. I met so many beautiful families through Memories Film and I still remember them. I often think things like, "what will this boy look like now?" and "does that couple have their own baby (or babies) now?" I really look forward to seeing all of the families again one day.

Let's talk about me, myself.

I have had the busiest, craziest and happiest three years of my life! Guess what?! Yes, I have had my own babies! Two babies! Here are my two lovely girls.

Being a mum is the hardest job I have ever done. My life has changed enormously since I had my first child. My girls are my world and watching their growth/development brings me so much joy.

Also, I became a mum of two cheerful doggies. Yes, I have been very busy!!

I know having children and dogs at the same time sounds crazy. And yes, I agree, it was a crazy time and I wouldn't do it again - babies and puppies at the same time was so hard! However, I don't regret it - my husband and myself love our little family so much. Anyway, the puppies are grown up now and (most of the time!) very well behaved!

Do you know what I do when I have a time to sit down? I open my gallery and look through my children's photos and videos. The children sometimes drive me crazy, but they are so adorable and I miss them so much when they are not with me.

People think I would take hundreds of photos of my children and I thought I would, too. However, it is impossible. As a mum, I literally don't have time to take photos with my camera. Instead, taking photos with my mobile phone is the best thing I can do. Therefore, we have to plan 'photo days' to get nice family photos. Recently, we dressed up and went to a park to take photos. It wasn't easy to get the girls to sit still - it was near-impossible! However, we loved the results. We printed the photos and we hung some on our living room wall. Our girls love looking at them - they keep pointing at the photos and our eldest daughter talks about them. How lovely it is having beautiful memories on display.

This made me think about re-starting my photography journey. I want every parent to have a chance to have quality family photos to remember their precious time when their children were growing up. Making memories with children is so important. Also, it would be a great pleasure if I can help families to build their memories. That's why I want to re-start my small business, with a new name for a new beginning: 'Hello Honey Film'. Do you like the name?!