Record Your Child's Growth Journey as a Family

Remember the fun times you had together.

H Gilbody-Yeom

9/29/20213 min read

Have you ever looked back through photos when your child/ren were little? I do! In fact, I do this all of the time. Whenever I look at old photos, I miss my little babies so much, and realise grown up they are, even thought they are still only 3-years-old and 1-year-old. My eldest child loves looking at her baby photos/videos and talking about what she was doing.

My eldest daughter at 100-days-old (left) and 3-years-old (right)

My youngest daughter at 3-weeks-old (left) and 1-year-old (right)

They are growing up so quickly and I am so happy that I was able to record their growth to look back on. I have hundreds, maybe thousands, of photos of my girls. They are all very precious. However, do you know what I found? In my mobile phone gallery, there are not many photos of my husband and myself with our girls. The reasons: because it isn't easy to take photos of us all together. Also, I didn't want to be photographed when I looked tired, wore sleep wear (which I'm still wearing at 5pm some days!) or clothes which are covered in the girls' food!

Maybe some of you are not like me. You might have many beautiful photos of your children, your partner and yourself and that is fantastic if you have! However, I am sure that there are many families just like my family without photos of the whole family together.

Let's make a memory as a family.

The years seem to pass by so quickly when you have children - I'm sure you all agree?! As, parents, we don't want to miss any moment of our children's growth and development. Therefore, we are always busy, capturing our children's expressions, often on our phones - their joyfulness, even their cranky time! What about you, though? It is very seldom that we are there, in the photo with our children. I believe that it is important that we all join in these moments, as a family, that we are all in the photo - do you agree? Let's do it together - jump in front of the camera, smile together, be cranky together (hope not this one!), and let me capture those moments of you and your family... forever!

Can you see how many stories this photo contains? This is far from a perfect photo. Everyone is looking in different directions. My husband blinked his eyes. Our youngest girl tried to escape from her daddy's arms. At least, our big girl smiled! However, even though this is not perfect, it is a beautiful memory which makes me smile and reminds me of the lovely day we spent at New Farm Park.

We love this photo, too. Our eldest daughter is looking at me and the youngest one is crying! Behind the photo is a story...

- Our eldest daughter brought her favourite toy, 'Cha Cha', with her. She carried that toy everywhere she went at that time.

- I put a bib on the youngest girl and then, of course, the eldest one wants to have it, too. So both girls are wearing bibs.

- We used my phone as a remote control. Andy, my husband, hid it behind him after pressing the shutter.

And more! I can tell you numerous stories behind this photo.

As you can see from the photos above, it doesn't need to be the perfect photo. Just capture your memories as a family and this makes any photo perfect, even if it isn't!
This is not easy, but it worth it!